My End of Year Review: 16 Highlights from 2016!

What I would give to be back here 💖🇺🇸 #throwbackthursday #washington #DC #tbt #contiki #noregrets #Contiki #starttheadventure

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It gave us Brexit, Trump and Honey G. It gave us the crisis in Aleppo, multiple terror attacks in Europe, and it gave us one of the most tumultuous years in history. We also lost an awful lot of famous, truly inspiring people in 2016; David Bowie, Terry Wogan, George Michael, Alan Rickman and Prince to name but a few.

For me, on a personal level,  2016 actually turned out to be one of the best years of my life. I’ve crammed a ridiculous amount in to the past 12 months; I road tripped across America, inter-railed around Italy, rocked out at V Fest, got dressed up to go to Ascot Races, enjoyed two amazing family/best friends weddings, visited London and Liverpool more times than I can even remember, celebrated my mum and dad’s 25th wedding anniversary and went to the theatre numerous times.



Oh aaaaand I quit my office job to become a full time freelancer – no biggie! My blog also went from strength to strength; I was nominated for an award, attended my first ever blogger conferences, received local press coverage, went on my first press trip and underwent a total rebrand.

Time has gone super quick, although January seems like AGES ago and I still can’t believe the amount I packed in to this year! I’m so grateful for the amazing places I have travelled to, and I’m pleased to announce that planning for my 2017 European Adventure is well underway! But let’s take a step back first, run through the year between January and December, and see why 2016 was so great for me. Here are my highlights…

I watched Les Mis in London’s West End (January)


What a show! Literally had goosebumps the WHOLE way through! Incredible. 😱🇬🇧🎭👏

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I announced my new life decision to the world (March)



I was shortlisted for best travel blog at UK Blog Awards (April)



I celebrated my sister’s 21st birthday (May)


Cocktails for our hannys 21st! 🎉🍹 #birthday #varsity #oxford #sisters

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I went to two amazing weddings in two days (June)



I flew to LA by myself to start my American adventure (June)



I helicoptered across the Grand Canyon (June)



I parasailed on Daytona Beach (June)


So parasailing whilst watching Dolphins in the sea was pretty special this morning in #Daytona 🐬🌊 #noregrets #grandsouthern #contiki

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I ran around Walt Disney World for the first time (June)



I celebrated Independence Day in New York City (July)



I celebrated my mum and dads 25th Wedding Anniversary (July)



I inter-railed around Italy (September)


Ride a gondola in Venice – TICK! ✅✅ Next stop Florence 🚂🚂 #bucketlist #italianescapade #tourists

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I explored the Collosseum in Rome (September)



I started my freelance business full-time (October)


This is how I feel right now. Today I calculated that I've earnt *almost* as much each month as I was earning in my old 9-5 job! I knew I could do it!!! I've started with nothing and built up my little business all by myself. At times I felt like giving up, like I wasn't good enough, and like I had no right to make a career for myself, but today I've felt so inspired and so pleased that my hard work seems to be paying off. Any doubts that may have been in my mind have now been dismissed and I am SO excited to continue my journey in my new career and see where this takes me! Here's to future success and many more adventures 📝💻✈️🌍 #MondayMotivation #freelancer #bloglife #virtualassistant

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I went on my first ever press trip as a blogger (October)



I celebrated Christmas at home with my wonderful family (December)


Only 363 days until Christmas 2017 👋🏻

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So there we have it, my top highlights of 2016! It was sooo hard to narrow it down, especially as so much has happened this year, but these highlights gave me some of my happiest memories that I will cherish forever. I’m now looking ahead to the new year and am super excited to see where 2017 will take me… Happy New Year everyone, see you on the other side!

Love Jess x

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