Cairns to Brisbane Road Trip: Travelling Australia’s East Coast

  View this post on Instagram Today's bucket list item… I SNORKELLED ON THE GREAT BARRIER REEF!!! 🐠🦀🐬🐙 Omggg best experience ever, I've never tried snorkelling in my life (being 8 years old in a Spanish hotel swimming pool doesn't count 😂) and I couldn't think of a better place to do it!! 😍 I […]


How to Spend a Week in the Australian Outback

Jess standing in front of Ayers Rock admiring the view

  The Australian Outback is totally unique, and unlike anywhere else on this planet. I spent some time exploring this incredible part of Oz during my recent six week adventure and have never had a travel experience quite like my week in the Outback; I would go as far as to say it was a […]


How to Travel the Great Ocean Road, the Ultimate Australian Road Trip!

  One of the most iconic road trips in the entire world, Australia’s Great Ocean Road is up there with America’s Route 66, South Africa’s Garden Route and Scotland’s North Coast 500 as being an itinerary that’s on everyone’s bucket lists. Starting in Melbourne, Victoria and finishing in Adelaide, South Australia, the Great Ocean Road […]


6 Weeks Down Under: How I Went Travelling Around Australia

View this post on Instagram Swapping Scotland for Sydney 😎 Some of you may have noticed on my Insta feed that I've been reading a fair few travel guides lately, and that I've been on an awful lot of trips too, but there's one travel company who have really helped me whilst I've been away, […]

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5 Marvellous Things to Do in Melbourne, Australia

  With its impressive skyscrapers, quirky street markets and pretty waterfront setting, Melbourne is one of the trendiest cities in Australia, and it’s not hard to see why. I spent two nights solo in Melbourne right at the start of my 6 week Australian adventure and it was the perfect city from which to begin […]