My week ahead…

Hey everyone

Sorry for the lack of posts lately but I haven’t really been anywhere for the past couple of weeks so haven’t had much to say! This has now changed however as I have a jam packed week ahead and am so excited to share it with you all! So, what am I up to I hear you asking? Well, take a look below to check out my super cool plans!..

1) London river cruise!
Tomorrow I go to the best City in the world, London, and I’m so excited! Me and my best friend are going on a posh river boat cruise across the Thames and are going to have the pleasure of enjoying a three course lunch and champagne which is all paid for courtesy of my ex boyfriend’s family… Thanks!! I got this voucher as a birthday gift from red letter days and have just got round to having a few days off work so am able to squeeze it in this week.. fingers crossed the weather stays sunny for us! We’re also planning to hit Oxford Street to do some serious shopping so ill let you know if I make any decent purchases!


2) Oxford day trip!
A little closer to home this time, but still just as beautiful, is my home city of Oxford which I’m heading to on Wednesday with another of my best friends for a day of shopping and lunching. We always hit the mahoosive primark first in search of some summer bargains so we’ll definitely be doing this to start with, then we’ll work our way up the high street before stopping for some well deserved food! Haven’t been to Oxford for ages now so I’m looking forward to it.. ooh and I heard there’s a brand new H & M in town too… goodbye bank balance!!


3) Race for Life event!
So on Sunday I’m back to Oxford to take part in my first ever race for life event for cancer research UK and I’m buzzing for it! I’ve never ran a competitive race before (no Jess, coming 3rd out of 4th on junior sports day year after year really doesn’t count!) so I can’t wait to get stuck in. I’ve been training a lot over the past few weeks so will be trying my absolute best to finish the race in a good time. I’ve managed to raise over £200 so far but I don’t want it to stop there as I want to raise as much as possible! If you have a spare moment and would like to donate to Cancer Research to support all their amazing work then please click on the link below to visit my Just Giving page! Thank you in advance!

That’s all for now peeps, I’ll post details of my adventures later on in the week so keep your eyes peeled!

Bye for now!

Love Jess x

P’s. Photos above are courtesy of Google images, but the ones that I will post with my next articles will all be mine!

Last weekend.. only a quiet one they said!!

After a few hectic weekends during May & June (what with going to Liverpool, Cardiff & Barcelona to name but a few!) I decided to have a chilled one last weekend and really made the most of the beautiful sunshine that we were lucky enough to be smothered in! I chose to stay at home during the morning and catch up on a few bits and bobs, but then ventured out to the lovely town of Burford for a drink and an ice cream and to meet up with my cousin and her boyfriend as we hadn’t seen them for a while!


Photo courtesy of :

Photo courtesy of :


For anyone that doesn’t know Burford, it is labeled as the Gateway to the Cotswolds, and for good reason too! It is a beautifully historic town which began in the middle Saxon period with the founding of a village near the site of the modern priory building. This settlement continued in use until just after the Norman conquest of England when the new town of Burford was built. On the site of the old village a hospital was founded which remained open until the Dissolution of the Monasteries by King Henry VIII. The modern priory building was constructed some 40 years later around 1580. In 1649, the church was used as a prison (during the Civil War),when the New Model Army Banbury mutineers were held there. Some of the 340 prisoners left carvings and graffiti, which still survive in the church.  Source: Wikipedia 

We got an ice cream from the ever popular Mrs Bumbles which is a bakers, green grocers and ice cream parlour all rolled into one! I had the creme brûlée cone which was to die for… I almost went back for another! After making our way up the high street and stopping off at a couple of the little shops we headed to The Mermaid which is a lovely traditional English pub serving excellent locally sourced food. My cousins boyfriends family actually own the pub, so I’m not biased at all! 😉  anyway after a couple of soft drinks in the sun we could feel our back’s burning and decided that we better make a move before we ended up like lobsters!

image image

After a tad more sunbathing in my garden at home I received a text from my close friend asking me to join her and a few others on a night out to Oxford, and so I obliged as I felt it rude not to!! I hadn’t been planning on going out as have been short of funds lately, but I can usually do a night out on the cheap so thought I could get away with it! We headed to Thirst bar first of all and had a couple of cheeky cocktails whilst dancing to the latest chart music… Their apple bomb’s are a must-definitely my drink of this year!


Once we had left Thirst we crossed over to our usual haunt, Lava Ignite, which is host to three separate floors each playing different music (grime/rap, chart/club anthems and, my favourite, the cheesy room playing pop tunes from the 80s, 90s and 00s).  We didn’t plan on staying too late but, as ever, once we started dancing to the cheesy tunes and letting our hair down we just didn’t want to leave. It’s true what they say.. Girls really do just wanna have fun! (Sorry, was that too cringe?!) anyway we had a  brilliant night and ended up catching the last bus home and strolling into bed at almost 5am! Only a quiet one they said… Ah well you only live once!


For now I’m hoping that this weekend will be a little more relaxed as all this travelling and these late nights are taking it’s toll on my body!  As ever, thankyou for reading and I do hope you’re enjoying it!

Speak soon!

Love Jess x


Thoughts please everyone?!

Hi peeps,

So I’m not sure if you can tell, but I have been posting my latest blogs in a new style recently and was just wondering what your thoughts were on my new look editing?! I have decided to incorporate images relevant to the text that I am writing and I think it makes a world of difference in terms of layout and how visually striking the article is. I was wondering whether or not I should add captions to each picture, but most of my text explains what the photo is about so not sure if it is completely necessary?!

I would be really grateful for any feedback/comments that can help to improve my blog; this is all new to me and I am doing lots of research into the way other blogs are presented so I can make mine look the best it can be!

Thanks again for reading, and I hope you do enjoy seeing what I get up to on my adventures!

All the best,

Jess 🙂 x

PS – I found this article online full of hints and tips which was really helpful – check it out!! 


Barcelona nou camp

nou camp2

The world famous nou camp which is home to Barcelona’s football team -would have loved to have gone inside but the other girls weren’t interested.. shame! nou camp

11 Reasons Why I fell in Love with Rome

I adore this blog post – definitely want to visit Rome it’s next on my go-to list!!