Social Media Overhaul: Q1 2016

Hey everyone,

So this overhaul is a little overdue, I was meant to put one together at the end of 2015 but I was rushed off my feet what with it being Christmas etc! Instead I thought I’d kick-start my new year with a fab new round up to see if I was on course for my last targets, set in August, and what I’m likely to achieve for this first quarter of 2016. So without further ado lets get social!

Trip Advisor


Trip Advisor is a huge part of my following; I have a massive readership, one of the highest in the whole of Oxfordshire, which is increasing day by day. I am passionate about providing genuine, good quality reviews for hotels, restaurants and places of interest that I have visited in the past. I also use Trip Advisor everytime I book a hotel and value the opinions of others hugely. I smashed my last target of 50,000 readers and am looking to reach a massive 60,000 by the time by next quarterly Review is due. Wish me luck!



My Twitter has grown massively in the last six months, and I’m so proud to say that I FINALLY reached the 1000 mark back in November! My followers are increasing hugely every time I log in to my account and I have to say that I’ve noticed a huge difference in the number of interactions now compared to when I was still at the pre-1k mark. I’m certainly not complaining and I credit Twitter as my number 1 go-to social media channel as it’s by far the best for my website referrals and I love joining in on all my weekly Twitter chats! I’m hoping to hit 1500 followers by quarter 2 of 2016.



My Facebook page is becoming a bit of a slow burner for some reason, I find that its taking FOREVER to grow my numbers and I wonder if it’s because each liker on Facebook is actually a genuine PERSON rather than a follower on Twitter being  a company or, dare I say it, a spammer. Most of my friends, family and fellow travel bloggers make up my likes on Facebook and I’m keen to increase my following as much as possible. As I’ve only just scraped the 300 milestone I’m aiming for between 350 and 400 likes as my next target.



I love love love Instagram and it’s my second favourite social media channel, just behind my beloved Twitter! I love the filters and the vibrant images that Insta creates and I’m constantly getting tonnes of likes on each of my posts. I do however find it hard to grow my following – I’ve been stuck on around the 850 mark for WEEKS now and I just don’t know how else I can get past this figure! My likes are high but I don’t think my conversion rate from likes to followers is all that great. Unfortunately I didn’t hit my last goal so this time round I’m aiming for the big 1000 and I’ll need all the help I can get to achieve that… any tips would be a bonus!



LinkedIn is a fantastic tool and is the most professional of my social media channels. I’m quite active in promoting my blog and I do get an awful lot of referrals from LinkedIn which is a huge bonus! I probably only post once or twice a week though so it’s much less exciting than my other social outlets. I didn’t quite reach my target of 500 connections before 2016 so I’m still aiming for that before my next review.



WordPress is probably my most successful social channel, and where it all started for me! My daily views are growing hour after hour and my subscribers have seen a massive jump too – thank you, you wonderful people! I smashed my most recent targets by getting to over 8000 hits (target was 7000) and over 1350 subscribers (target was 1100). I’m going to aim for an ENORMOUS 10,000 hits and 1500 subscribers before quarter 2 is here – these are perhaps my most ambitious targets yet!

Google Plus


This platform is totally new to me, I’ve only been using it for the past couple of months and I only update it when I have a new blog post. I seem to be getting large viewing figures but I’ve no idea how to convert those to followers?! Any tips on Google+ would be gratefully received please!

So that completes my social media overhaul for quarter 1 of 2016 – its so interesting for me looking back to see how far I’ve come! *Soppy moment* But in all seriousness I wouldn’t be where I am today without you guys so a big THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart <3 Here’s to the next quarter and to smashing even more targets!

Love Jess x

PS. Don’t forget to keep voting for me in UK Blog Awards 2016 – there’s only a few days to go til voting closes!


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