Remember, Remember Fifth of November…


Hi Everyone,

I haven’t done a themed blog post for a while and, considering Bonfire Night is my FAVOURITE time of year, I thought I’d put something together for you all! Last bonfire night I was in Iceland and the year before I was in Disneyland Paris so I’m never normally at home for the occasion! It was however nice to spend it with my family this year and watch some spectacular fireworks light up the beautiful Oxfordshire skies!


Bonfire night takes place every year on 5th November, where the historic London tradition traces its roots back to Guy Fawkes’ failed gunpowder plot in 1605. Fawkes, along with a group of other conspirators, had planned to destroy the Houses of Parliament and the Palace of Westminster but were caught out before the explosive plot had time to unfold. Fawkes was hung, drawn and quartered for his crimes and so began the tradition of burning an effigy of a ‘Guy’ on a bonfire, hence the celebration of bonfire night. The famous poem synonymous with this historic event is as follows:

Remember, remember fifth of November

Gunpowder, treason and plot

I see no reason why gunpowder treason

Should ever be forgot

My fireworks extravaganza began with my task of writing a new post for The Culture Trip. I was asked to compile a list of Top Places for Fireworks Displays in London and so I began scouring the net for the best promos and the most entertaining line ups. From this I put together my final listicle which I’m pleased to say looked visually amazing once it was published live! A big thanks to the companies who I featured.


On Friday 6th November I headed to RAF Brize Norton for their fantastic fireworks display- I’ve been going with my family for the past ten years and they are amazing! They put on a fantastic show and each time I visit I have such happy memories! Their brilliant 2015 display lasted around 25mins and its was truly magical from start to finish!


I hope you all had a wonderful fireworks night wherever you spent it… I’d love to see your best sparkly shots!

Love Jess x

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