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Hi everyone,

I have some exciting news to share! Last month I was nominated by a fellow travel blogger, the lovely Henar Gomez of Wanderwings, to take part in a fantastic Q & A blogging thread which has been running successfully for the past few months. The idea is that there are ten questions which need answering, then ten questions which need creating and passing on to ten more nominated bloggers. So, without further ado my interview style post is underway! …

The Questions

1) When did you start blogging? Why?

2) What’s your favourite summer drink?

3) Turtles or penguins? Why?

4) What is your biggest (travel related) pet peeve?

5) Where does your blog name come from?

6) If you were to blog about something other than you already do what would it be?

7) What three things have you learnt from blogging/ the blogging community?

8) What is on your 2015 travel list?

9) If you could learn one new language what would it be?

10) Are you a morning or a night person?

The Answers


Barcelona inspired my obsession for travel blogging!

1) I started blogging in May 2014 when I went on a girly city break to Barcelona. I’d recently split from my long term partner and if I’m honest I found myself completely lost; I wanted to keep busy and do things with my friends so that I had distractions and things to look forward to. On my trip to Barcelona I found that I absolutely loved doing all the touristy things, writing up my experiences and then reviewing restaurants, the hotel and other attractions once I’d returned from my trip. I have always enjoyed going on holidays and using my Trip Advisor account to write about my experiences, but my blog enabled me to focus on this and create my own world where I could post, plan and share my adventures with my very own readers. I have continued this hobby for over a year now and I have loved every second – here’s to many more years ahead in the world of travel blogging!

2) My favourite summer drink has got to be Pimms and lemonade. It’s quintessentially English, fresh and fruity and perfect for drinking when out with friends at a festival or relaxing at home in the garden on a sunny afternoon.

They are so cute!

They are so cute!

3) Random question! I love both animals but for me it’s got to be turtles, I’ve always thought they were super cute and I look out for them whenever I visit Sealife! On my most recent visit to Bournemouth’s Sealife I got close enough to get a really great pic whilst chatting to the zookeeper, but unfortunately I’ve never gotten close to them in the wild. I had the chance to do this when I visited the beautiful Greek island of Zakynthos back in 2011 but I chose to go quadbiking high up in the mountains instead! Not seeing turtles in the wild is something I’ve regretted, but I wouldn’t have swapped watching the sun set over the sea from my elevated mountain position for anything on that particular day as it was truly breathtaking!

I'm so much happier when I know it's not like an oven outside!

I’m so much happier when I know it’s not like an oven outside!

4) I hate the transfer from the airport to my hotel accommodation; ever since I was little and my parents took me on package holidays I’ve always hated it! I think it’s the thought of sitting on a boiling hot coach that gets to me, I don’t cope particularly well in the heat and I suffer a lot with travel/motion sickness so the thought of them together makes me feel so ill! However I’ve been to Iceland and Prague more recently both of which have been short transfers in freezing temperatures and they have been 100 times better so maybe I should stick to destinations with colder climates!


Jessica planning her Journeys!

5) I spent ages thinking of my blog name- I wanted something catchy and I’ve always been a fan of alliteration! I first chose Jessica’s Journey’s but found that username was already taken on WordPress (sob!) I then thought of Journeys with Jessica and loved it so was completely relieved when that username was free! I feel my blog name is really relevant to my travels as I go on a real journey when I visit places, I plan things carefully and book accommodation, flights and transfers months in advance and relish every second when I’m away and things come together!

6) I have quite a keen interest in hair and make up so I’d probably be a beauty blogger if I wasn’t totally obsessed with travel! At the start I thought about combining beauty with travel but didn’t think it would be ‘niche’ enough so decided to focus purely on the travel blogosphere.

7) I’ve learnt that travel blogging is bloody hard work! It requires time, patience and passion to brainstorm blog ideas, edit pieces so they look visually appealing and write about things with such enthusiasm that you want to make others share your adventures and book their own experiences.


How picture perfect is this fairytale city?!

One of the most iconic buildings in Europe!

8) My bucket list is so big I want to go so many places all the time but realise I’ve got my whole life ahead of me so am learning to curb my wanderlust ever so slightly! We are already half way through 2015 but my hit list for the rest of the year is to try and fit in an autumn city break to Budapest, a Christmas market trip to Bruges and a relaxing girly week away to the Canaries.


I’m desperate to make a wish at the beautiful Trevi Fountain!


Venice, the city of romance…

9) I’ve always wanted to learn Italian despite never visiting before! Italy is definitely my next go-to country and I’m trying to plan visits to Milan, Rome, Florence and Venice for next year – I’d love to go for a couple of weeks and just hit them all at once! I have a language qualification in Spanish so I’m good at that and always practise it when I visit- I’ve been to Spain nine times throughout my life and I love it but am keen to explore further afield!


Trying my best morning smile!

10) I am most definitely not a morning person as I hate getting out of bed and having my sleep interrupted! However I don’t really do late nights as I get tired incredibly quickly and suffer with fatigue so I’d say that I’m a late morning/afternoon person if that’s allowed?! Once I’m up and ready for the day ahead I don’t actually mind the mornings so much, especially if I’ve got something exciting planned for the day!

The Next 10 Nominated Bloggers

1) Jess Gibson of The Travelista

2) Char Taylor of Taylor Hearts Travel

3) Emma Hart of Paper Planes and Caramel Waffles

4) Rebecca Clipsham of The World as Bec Sees It

5) Hayley Swinson of Savvy Girl Travel

6) Shelley Borga of Norway to Nowhere

7) Sophie Davis of Sophie’s Suitcase

8) Andrea Leblang of Best World Yet

9) Marissa Dookeran of MAD Travel Diaries

10) Menorca Chaturvedi of Europe Diaries

The Next 10 Questions

1) What inspired you to start travel blogging?

2) Sum up your style of travel writing in ten words or less?

3) Are you a quick city break or a long haul holiday destination kind of traveller?

4) How often do you post updates on your social media accounts? And how many blog posts do you publish per week?

5) Which social media account is your favourite platform for reaching out to your bloggers and why?

6) You have one day of your holiday left. Would you rather spend the day relaxing on the beach or spend it sightseeing?

7) Is your blog your full time job or just a hobby?

8) At what point did you start making money from your blog and seeing it as more than a hobby?

9) Where did you go on your most recent trip?

10) Finally, what three destinations are top on your Bucket List?

So there we have it, my part in The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award is now complete! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed taking part and thanks again to Henar Gomez for the nomination.

Good luck with your posts girls can’t wait to read your answers!

Love Jess x

NB. All photos are my own except the SWBA logo, Italy, Bruges and Budapest photos. Each have been credited in previous blog posts.

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