Social media overhaul – update April 2015!

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Hi everyone,

So I’ve been having a bit of an overhaul on all of my social media accounts lately and thought I’d bring you an up to date tally of my current number of followers across the board. I last did something similar at the start of 2015 with my post New Year News so thought I’d write a comparison article so you can see how fast my blog is growing month on month. I’m aiming to bring you these reports every three-four months so it’ll be Summer by the time the next one’s here!

Trip Advisor

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I’ll start with the site that actually has my biggest audience and is where I get a lot of my readers from. My Trip Advisor account is hugely successful; with over 40,000 readers and a 100% score for helpful votes (all 68 of my reviews have been voted as ‘helpful’ by other reviewers!). I have also consistently been voted in the top 1% of reviewers across the whole of Oxfordshire- not bad for someone who just writes as a hobby! My monthly reviews from the site detail the number of readers I’ve had per post, along with notifications of any ‘helpful votes’ that my reviews have received from my readers. I use Trip Advisor every single time I book a break away and so far it’s never failed to help me pick the best hotels/restaurants for my holiday destinations! I’m constantly reviewing places that I’ve been to and often link these back on my blog posts to increase my readership. I’m aiming to have close to 50,000 readers by the end of 2015, so here’s hoping I can get to that milestone!



My other large following is on my personal Twitter account which I use to promote my blog and I currently have over 800 followers which is growing on a daily basis. I’ve had Twitter since 2011 and think it’s a great way to connect with fellow social media users. Hash tags are incredibly effective for enabling my blog to be seen by larger audiences and I use this wherever possible when posting new links. I’m aiming to reach a massive 1000 followers by the end of the year and that’ll be a huge break through for me.



I’ve only had my Instagram page since the end of December 2014 but already I’ve grown a substantial following of over 320 users. Like my Twitter page, my Instagram account is a personal one and so I sometimes post things that aren’t necessarily related to my blog. Although at times this may not seem totally professional, I feel that having a personal account can actually help to widen the audience for my blog as it can instantly be seen by my friends, family and existing followers who may have liked other things that I have posted about. It’s all about the visual effects on Instagram and I love how I can edit some of my best photos and share them with my audience. I take part in #tbt (Throwback Thursday) probably twice a month and always link this to my Throwback features whenever I blog about them. I’d love to get to 500 followers over the next nine months and I think that’s an achievable target for me.



My Facebook page is relatively new but I’m almost at 100 likes already (only one more to go!!). I like that Facebook lets me create a timeline of events and I’m always posting milestones that I’ve reached or big occasions that I’ve taken part in. Datewise, it’s handy to refer back to and it’s visually very appealing to lots of my readers. I do however feel that Twitter & Instagram allow me to reach a wider audience because of the power of hash tags, but as the majority of my readers have personal Facebook accounts I couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to appear on their news feeds! I’d like to get to 200 followers by the time 2016 comes around.


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This may not be an obvious choice for a social media account but, professionally, LinkedIn is by far the best out there. I’ve only had my account for a few months but already I’ve racked up close to 350 connections, had numerous job offers and am constantly being viewed by other users. The site is great for posting status updates and I upload photos and links to my blog whenever I have a new post to share. Although the audience is only as wide as the number of people that I’m connected to, it helps massively when getting new readers and LinkedIn is statistically one of the best referrers to my blog. I’m aiming for at least 500 connections by the end of the year.




Of course, where it all started! I wouldn’t have even set up my blog had it not been for WordPress and it’s brilliant free themes! I wanted to run a blog for free and WordPress gave me this opportunity so i grabbed it with both hands and have never looked back! In previous posts I’ve debated whether or not I should switch from my WordPress site to a more flexible self hosted site but for now I am completely happy with my blog and can’t see any reason to change it! My daily statistics give an in-depth insight into the number of readers I’m gaining as well as detailing information on which sites they were referred from so I can see where most of my traffic is originating. I’ve had over 3000 hits to my blog so far- I wouldn’t be where I am today without WordPress and for that I am eternally thankful!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this insight into the ongoing growth of my blog – thank you so much for your support as I’d be nowhere without you all! Please continue to like/subscribe to my posts and follow my social media accounts to keep up to date with everything that’s going on in the world of Journeys with Jessica!

Love Jess x

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