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Hi everyone, me again!

Just a quick one to let you all know that I have entered an exciting competition with Expedia, the firm I pretty much always use to book any trips, hotels and flights, for the chance to win £1000 in vouchers.

I dont usually enter these competitions, although this one particularly caught my eye due to the nature of it which, as a keen traveller, definitely appealed to my sense of adventure! The aim is simple, Expedia will use your Facebook profile and take information from your timeline to see how far you have travelled over the past few years, taking all relevant check ins, posts and photos in to account to create a final ‘total points’ figure. The higher the points figure, the better chance you have of winning! Friends can also view your profile and Like or Vote for you to win, so I guess maximum exposure is also helpful!



Please click on the link below to view my travel profile, and if you like what you see please vote for me to win! NB. you may have to be logged in to your Facebook account to view this correctly.


I was impressed to learn that I had travelled a total of 7105 combined travelling miles since I started using & recording them on Facebook back in 2008 and this covered holidays to Spain, Greece, Cyprus & Belgium to name but a few! I also have details of my favourite hotel, beach and most interesting place I have visited, all of which I have chosen from a selection that I was offered from my timeline.


I really enjoyed putting this profile together and I too hope you like what you see! I am keen to expand my travelling with plans to go to America next year and widen my horizons so here’s to hoping that I am a) able to acheive that and b) lucky enough to win this competition as that £1000 would help me massively!

Thanks for reading – wish me luck!

Love Jess x

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