Thoughts please everyone?!

Hi peeps,

So I’m not sure if you can tell, but I have been posting my latest blogs in a new style recently and was just wondering what your thoughts were on my new look editing?! I have decided to incorporate images relevant to the text that I am writing and I think it makes a world of difference in terms of layout and how visually striking the article is. I was wondering whether or not I should add captions to each picture, but most of my text explains what the photo is about so not sure if it is completely necessary?!

I would be really grateful for any feedback/comments that can help to improve my blog; this is all new to me and I am doing lots of research into the way other blogs are presented so I can make mine look the best it can be!

Thanks again for reading, and I hope you do enjoy seeing what I get up to on my adventures!

All the best,

Jess 🙂 x

PS – I found this article online full of hints and tips which was really helpful – check it out!! 


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