Sorry…. delayed write up of Barcelona Day 2!

Hi everyone, hope you are enjoying this lovely sunny weather – who else keeps forgetting that they’re actually in England?! I know I do!!

Firstly I wanted to apologise for the delay in uploading this post, I haven’t been too well over the last few days hence the lack of activity! Unfortunately I also wasnt very well at all on day two of my trip (but this was down to too much drinking the night before!!) and so there isn’t actually a lot to tell you but I will do my best.. enjoy!!

So after being repetitively sick for more than 12 hours (stomach bug, alcohol poisoning – call it what you wish, but it was truly awful!) I wasn’t able to get out and enjoy the Spanish sunshine as I would have liked and was therefore confined to my room as I couldn’t even get out the door without needing to go straight back to the bathroom! I didnt want to spoil the day for my friends though, and so they went out on a boat trip round the port which they said was very enjoyable but was quite pricey at a staggering 48 euros each!! I think they boarded quite a small boat so it was more personal and they were on the water for around 2-3 hours. They did enjoy the trip but said there wasn’t much to see as it literally just went round the beach and  the port. I am sure it was worthwhile though!

Once they had returned and I started to feel a bit better towards the end of the day I managed to get changed and ready for our evening meal. After ordering the plainest thing on the menu I fell ill again and unfortunately had to rush to the toilet to be sick! Obviously this spoilt the evening and I had to go home, but the girls ordered some Tapas dishes at the restaurant and said it was good so I think they made the best out of it! We ate at a restaurant called Moka and it was laid out like a diner, quite cool inside with lots of different dishes to order.

That pretty much sums up day two of my trip, watch out for day three coming next which I promise is much more interesting! Thanks for reading!

Jess 🙂 x

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