Barcelona Blog: Day 1

Hi everyone here is day 1 of my Barcelona Blog which outlines what we did and where we went during the first day of the trip. As a reminder, I travelled to Barca on Saturday morning with two of my best friends for a girly weekend away…

So after touching down at Barcelona airport on an Iberian flight we stepped off the plane and into the sunshine. We had been advised by family members to get a taxi straight to the hotel rather than catching a bus as our accommodation was quite far away from the airport. A 20 minute journey costing 30 euros (average price) took us to the hotel where we arrived at the Meson Castilla pleasantly surprised by the size and appearance considering it was only rated a 2 star property! I have posted a full review of the hotel on trip advisor  so please check that out separately here:

After unpacking and getting out of our typical English clothes (goodbye black leggings!) we  headed to the main scene of action, the famous La Ramblas, which was buzzing with travellers exploring the many cafes, bars, shops and restaurants that the street has to offer. Once we had stopped for lunch in a little cafe just off the main strip (20 euros for three small meals and a drink each as well as a tip for the waiter – very reasonable!) we zig zagged through the shops looking for bargains. We then came across the brilliant St Georges market which is an absolute must and should definitely not be missed!! Stocked with a colourful array of fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, cheeses, smoothies, ice creams and much much more we were in awe of all the amazing produce that was on offer. We would have loved to have done a weekly shop there and brought it all home to our families!

After another short stroll from the market today the edge of the port where we could see the sea we decided to head back to the hotel and get ready for our first  evening out. This is where I will incorporate my friends blog as she writes about fashion and beauty and will be posting photos on of our outfits showing you what we wore each evening- please check it out!

We ate at an Italian restaurant named La Poma which serves traditional pizzas pastas  and meat dishes and was really impressive. I will write a separate review on this restaurant from my trip advisor account so will post the links to my restaurant reviews in a separate blog. We had a brilliant first evening drinking lots of cocktails and dancing in one of Barcelonas most popular night  clubs but i think it’s safe to say that I am not drinking again for a long time as I was a very poorly girl the next day!!

That pretty much sums up our first day… be sure to read my blog tomorrow for my next posting about day 2 – thanks for reading!

Jess x

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