I'm homeee!

Hey everyone, so I’m back in Oxfordshire after a wonderful trip away to Barcelona with my two best friends. We had a great time seeing  lots of sights and soaked up the authentic Spanish atmosphere by exploring the local market and the famous la ramblas! I will be posting a blog every day for the rest of the week with details of what we did and tips on how to make the most out of your stay should you decide to visit in future, so keep reading and feel free to ask any questions!! I’ll also be pairing up with one of my friends as she posts daily fashion and beauty blogs so we’ll be connecting our articles to show what we did with our days; ill be posting about the area and sharing reviews whilst she’ll be discussing outfits and shoes so you can all see what we looked like during our trip away! I’ll drop my friends link into my next blog so be sure to look out for it and, again, both of us are here to answer any general queries you might have.

For now I’m gonna catch up with some sleep as I’ve been on the go since Friday and my body could do with recovering slightly from the excessive sun exposure and the alcohol intake… but more on that story tomorrow … not my finest moment haha!

Night peeps!

Jess x


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